Oak Island has produced over 100 haunted attractions in theme parks in the last decade alone. Our other Halloween related services include consulting, park-wide theming, marketing, branding, unique products, merchandise consulting, culinary consulting, master planning, show product, art and design…all things needed to produce and maintain award winning Halloween events and attractions.


We currently produce several of the largest Christmas events in America. We master plan and produce all aspects of the events to include budgeting, design, art, fabrication, installation and maintenance.


Sure Halloween and Christmas garner some amazing show stopping events, but (let’s not forget) what about all the holidays and seasons in between? Studio Oak Island offers the ability to produce year-round events and attractions. Spring and Summer bring about endless seasonal experiences. Just imagine the possibilities. Why not delight your guests with an extravagant backyard BBQ or a lovely Mother’s Day garden party. We can make any season larger than life…it’ll be an experience the whole family will enjoy.


Studio Oak Island is a leader when it comes to experiential attractions. From our captivating Mystery Town, USA to our mesmerizing Mirror Mazes International, if you can dream it we can create it. We take pride in creating attractions that individuals of all ages can enjoy.